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Welcome to Ambleside Online, a free curriculum that uses the highest quality books and costs no more than the cost of texts. The curriculum uses as many free online books as possible, and there is no cost to use this information or join the support group.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Charlotte Mason method and Ambleside Online


Curriculum Booklists and Schedules

Year 1 Booklist     36 week schedule                    Those who started following the old
Year 2  Booklist    36 week schedule                    schedules and booklists before the
Year 3  Booklist    36 week schedule                    current revisions and still wish to continue
Year 4  Booklist    36 week schedule                   the old version can access them here
Year 5  Booklist    36 week schedule                  
Year 6  Booklist    36 week schedule                    Read our FAQ!

Alphabetized booklist for years 1-6                                Year 0 Picture Book Suggestions

   Curriculum for Years 11 and 12 are still in progress
   Pre-Year 7 booklist        
   Year 7 booklist   36 week schedule   
   Year 8 booklist   36 week schedule
   Year 9 booklist   36 week schedule
   Year 10 booklist  Now Complete!!
Please see the email support group for more information.


Subject Schedules and Resources

Art Study and Composer Study for all years              Nature Study for all grades
Plutarch and Shakespeare for grades 4-6                  Folksongs and Hymns
Poets are listed with each year's booklist                      Year 0 (Pre-1)

  FAQ   Frequently Asked Questions about CM and our curriculum

Site Index a list of pages in this site

Links to formatted etexts, blank schedule forms, and related email lists

Purchase Charlotte Mason's 6-volume series or read online   (site includes simplified summaries of the volumes and 20 Principles, still in progress)

Check for periodic updates to  Charlotte Mason's vintage Parents Review articles on topics ranging from nature study, narration, history and more!  NEW! Articles are being added from the 1893/4 volume!

What is a Charlotte Mason education?? by members of the CMSeries email list 

Why the KJV? by Lynn Bruce

Giving Children Living Ideas from books instead of dry facts

Printing Etexts

Sample Schedules     Sample Exam Questions

An Ambleside Mom's day by Donna-Jean Breckenridge/LibertyandLily, click on the AO link

What was a term like in a 1921 PNEU school? Sample Programmes for each form

Imagine if Charlotte Mason paid a visit to your home today - what would she say?
An Imaginary Conversation with a Great Mind Article by Tammy Glaser


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A List of Pages within this Site

Aesop's fables online
Dates and links for An Island Story chapters 1-20
Links to the 40 best Andersen's Fairy Tales online
Art Prints
Bambi - A Sample Language Study
Beginner Help              FAQ
Beginning with older children
Beowulf Lessons
How Ambleside books are selected
Where to buy books
Combining children in the same year
Fairy Tale discussion
Etext How-To's
Evolution in books
Exam Discussion and Sample Questions
Foreign Language
Free Reading
FAQ about AO History Studies  A Few supplemental history books for years 1-6
An Imaginary Conversation with CM by Tammy Glaser
Language Arts   Copywork  Narration  Phonics  Grammar  
Access copywork assignments taken from Ambleside Online readings by joining the copywork email list      
Living Ideas
Meet the Advisory
Mother Goose
Music appreciation
Nature Study ideas  (nature study schedule)
Picture Study
Poetry (includes links to Blake, de la Mare, Dickinson, Dunbar, Field, Frost, Kipling, Longfellow,
          Riley, Rossetti, Sandburg, Teasdale, Tennyson, Whittier, Wordsworth)
Schedule samples
Samples of CM's PNEU school schedule
Shakespeare discussion
Slow Reading of Books
Special Needs children
TCOO contents
Testimonies of AO members
Van Loon Story of Mankind review by Charlotte Mason
What is CM?
Why Read the KJV? by Lynn Bruce
Year 0


Ambleside Online License Agreement


The booklists, schedules and articles on this website are subject to applicable copyright laws and the terms of this License. The copyright holders provide these materials to the general public free of charge solely through this website. You may use them legally within certain limits. This license is intended to guarantee your freedom to privately share this free curriculum in its pure and original form without charge, to personalize this free curriculum as needed for your own family's private use*, to maintain the integrity of the copyrighted materials, and to insure that the materials remain free for all users.

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You are not authorized to distribute copies of these licensed materials on more than an individual basis, including, but not limited to, the inclusion of these materials within any form of distributed publication or generally accessible internet location, without the express written consent of the Ambleside Online Advisory.

If the curriculum is modified and distributed in violation of this license, we want its recipients to know that what they have is not the original, so as to protect the reputations of the original authors. To that end, we encourage all users to compare any received copies of this curriculum to the materials posted by the Advisory at
. We authorize webmasters to link only to our main homepage, http://www.amblesideonline.org, but not to our content pages, which the Advisory improves, rearranges and updates too frequently for foreign sites to keep current and thus maintain in an accurate reflection of copyrighted materials. This is for the benefit and protection of webmasters and users as well as the copyright holders. Webmasters must obtain Advisory permission before linking to our main page.

Anybody can and may use this curriculum by the terms of this license, but by choosing to use it, you are agreeing to never copyright it for your own use or to sell it. All copyrights of the authors of this curriculum are expressly retained and no ownership interest in such copyrights are transferred or assigned by reason of this license agreement. For the protection of each author and the curriculum as a whole, we want to make certain that everyone understands there is no warranty for this free curriculum.

*Private schools and umbrella schools seeking authorization to use or modify these materials will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Advisory.

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~ In keeping with Charlotte Mason's high standards for high-quality literature, here is some
Holiday reading
- storiespoems, and music - to enhance your Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's! ~

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